Still Here is an idealised soundtrack for the island of Santorini, Greece, composed of recordings made in the environment as it is today. The piece is transmitted via radio in an otherwise empty space. Listeners pick up one of five birdcages which house receivers and move through the space to capture the sounds of coastal areas, fields, villages and homes, or the din of mechanisation – coming from five transmitters.

Although Still Here has its origins in the experience of living and listening in a real place, where the sounds are much as they have been for a century or more – it glosses the extremes of silence and noise that have come to dominate the island through tourism. It recreates a bygone era in which there existed a host of functioning village communities, of which there are now far fewer. It is a recording of the pulse of a place that now exists in suspended animation, a place that is alive but no longer clearly living – Santorini.

Hear some of the individual sounds that compose Still Here: